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Vw Jamboree is a container for VW enthusiasts who are members of a large community that is VW lovers from all over Indonesia. this time the National Jamboree Volkswagen Indonesia II as well as the 25 years anniversary of the Volkswagen Club of Yogyakarta. The theme of the above have links DIY Yogyakarta city and Volkswagen itself has a unique and historical value each of which can be incorporated into the history and the great event in addition to guiding the activities of this Jamboree II Volkswagen car that presents a parade, contests, exchange parts, VW stock, the stock merchandise, race and family photo tour.

The event at the Expo Center the title in Yogyakarta, Bantul is the second held Volkswagen Indonesia. More than 1000 VW car enthusiasts and collectors from all Volkswagen cars from different regions of the old to the new output is displayed at the event on Sunday (27/12). Not only that, the jamboree is also a site of modification and hunting for volky car, nicknamed the VW car lovers.
VW jamboree- volkswagen lovers

Volkswagen Indonesian Heritage Parade
With route ABA Parking – Malioboro – Jogja Kraton performances followed by two representatives per club vw unit. From Sabang to VW enthusiast club in Papua as a neighbor of the furthest up VW Asia, both from Malaysia, Singapore also thronged the area contest, which is divided into 2 classes from Beginner to Concourse battling for 70 to 91 class medal contest.

For the second Day (Sunday, 27/12), held a contest which followed 150 VW VW VW consists of 45 who have become champions in the last jamboree and beginner participants of both groups and individuals. General assessment criteria will include custom, oiriginalitas, classical and VW car interior.VW jamboree- volkswagen lovers-on the beachJury due to overwhelming demand the division of classes throughout the VW enthusiast. “When that little turns out to be a selective trigger of the committee to assess each contestant the longer” said Lt. Gen. (P) Soeyono who stick with it to finish Heritage, Unity, Unique in stage II Dipenghujung JAMNAS 2009. Assessment criteria is generally viewed from the custom, originality, and classic interior to fight a number of awards.

VW jamboree- volkswagen lovers-on the beach-vw eventPre-2010 National Conference PPVW
Ahead of the Opening Ceremony Jamnas Volkswagen II, held at Sriwedari, PPVW (Society of Owners & Enthusiasts Volkswagen Yogya) attempts a presentation directly in front of fellow VW Lampung, Sidoardjo, Malang, Bali, Jakarta and the moderator directly Djaduk Ferianto one of the children of Bagong artists Kussudiardjo . 1964 born in Yogyakarta also prepare the theme “Love VW learned to appreciate the history”.

“Lifting and appreciate the role of humans in activities such as automotive painters, mechanics will be the main spice in involving the direct participation of the community” said Djaduk Ferianto who seek advice from the Advisory VVC also Bp. R. Pamudji and Roesmanhadi along with other VW communitiesVW jamboree- volkswagen lovers-on the beach-vw event-beetlesVCY 25 years anniversary
Memperingai Jamboree was held for the 25th anniversary of the Volkswagen Club of Yogyakarta to-25 who attended 1000 Volkswagen car owners from all over Indonesia.

Slow down volkswagreeng
“It is estimated jamboree participants are growing and growing because of their enthusiasm for the event following the jamboree is very high with 59 VW club in addition to participants from Malaysia and Singapore both individuals and groups,” said the commander Aceng Greeng ‘merchand event – volkswagreeng’.jomboree_volkswagen-indonesiaThe volkymania also use this opportunity to hunt for parts used to smell VW trinkets, like a mini car or a shirt. This event has always been used to exchange information among lovers of VW cars.

Although the average age of parents, of German cars has its own fans. So that each time the jamboree was held, almost always in padati contestants VW with a variety of categories, from custom to modification.

“Most people still think that VW is for the rich, expensive, difficult maintenance and spare parts hard to find, but it is not true because VW can be owned by anyone. So VW is not as imagined, “says Yoga.jomboree_volkswagen-indonesia-ii“Jamboree is also useful for men as well as preserving the existence sosialisaikan VW car which has a unique and historically high,” says Yoga.

Never ending Jogya ASIA
His enthusiasm … Dhuarsyattttt …! JAMNAS FUN … ONE rainy so hot ..!
Typenya anything, any color, however the circumstances, Vokoke Citizens VW, all can join

CONGRATULATIONS once again on the implementation of the final great event of 2009.
Never ending Jogya ASIA as Brand Image designed DIY meaningful new position Yogyakarta as “Experience That never end in Asia”.jomboree_volkswagen-indonesia-iiiYoga Saputra add Volkswagen National Jamboree II is expected to unite the entire VW community in Indonesia and International.

Some input from the clubs who attended the serasehan the JEC, the month of March 2010 as an early opener as Indonesia and the VW JAMNAS agreement JAMNAS forum decided early 2010 held in Karachi, East Java on 3 – 4 April 2010 followed by the Pacific Islands JAMNAS in 2 to 4 July 2010. JAMNAS issue will be decided at the end of the 2010 National Conference in Kediri, East Java.jomboree_volkswagen-indonesia-iv

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