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There are so many of us know that the VW beetle is a car people are quite successful, everyone knew and loved, but over time, as the development of technology, as the development of human culture and the human way of thinking, then finally a VW beetle classic and antique items . and a wide range of ways for people in love antique VW in terms of appreciation in the form of a paper and a modified VW beetle. One representative homage Classic Original, Cal Look Beetle, Beetle VolksRods, Classic Cabriolet, Modern Minimalist, and many more, I have discussed some style modifications mentioned above, and this time I will discuss about theĀ  German Look VW Beetle .

VW Beetle German Look VW Beetle   German Look StyleVW Beetle German Look

The main characteristic of the VW beetle german look is very clear, that the appearance of the VW beetle that seem elegant and handsome with large wheels, and has a tread width, in addition to large alloy wheels, wheel fitment usually also very sweet, very tight to the fender, so the fender impressed packed by tires, it is usually applied to shorten a system, with size proportional and not excessive, so that impressed fit and full. looking like this, VW beetle face looks very different from the original which uses wheels with a tire ring 15 is very small, so that turns 180 degrees total. but the change is much better than the original look, in my opinion, and more handsome and masculine and solid impressed.

VW Beetle German Look 1 VW Beetle   German Look Style

VW Beetle German Look -1

It was already evident at a glance, valor emanating from Vw beetle german look. clearly emanated from the VW Beetle feet are large and sturdy, but seemed sweet and fitting. normally, but the sodium absorption ratio all, the entire list and stainless steel accessories on VW betle german style this look off, so impressive sporty aura and a bit of a classic scent. german look VW beetle so it seems simple, strong and a little bit modern, a lot of classical style that retains every detail and list the whole body is connected. in other words, in terms of interior, the display german look is simple and stylish, with large wheels and a bit flat.

VW Beetle German Look 2 VW Beetle   German Look Style

VW Beetle German Look -2

Some were impressed asesories classic also usually replaced, like the rearview mirror. left and classic impression tampian propose a more sporty and masculine. even some beetle is dressed in the style of racing. of the interior and exterior. but with a sporty style that is not too extreme usually, because they still uphold the principles of minimalism. if too many accessories with a sporty style, it’s VW beetle will not seem like a german style look again, but the style of extreme sport.

VW Beetle German Look 3 VW Beetle   German Look Style

VW Beetle German Look -3

This image is one example of a VW beetle german look that seemed so simple at all. with details of the missing body accessories, gray is very simple, but protrudes from the side of the big wheels and wide tires and a little flat, which means to find the legs are used as the main role. while the body is left seminimalis possible, to overhaul and modification VW betle does not seem tacky and collisions, terklalu many accessories and knick-knacks, which would likely cause too crowded and strange impression later.

VW Beetle German Look 4 VW Beetle   German Look Style

VW Beetle German Look -4

Style modification could be an alternative for those of you who want to start building a good VW beetle VW 1200 or 1303, but I think this style fits perfectly with the VW 1303 with concave glass that makes an impression VW is more stable. with a round glass, all body intact in the oval curve, coupled with charming alloy wheels and tire tread width, make german style look very fit. for those of you who might want to try something new, bored with the classic style that has been used, and may not want to change the look of your VW too extreme, but boost performance, the German Look style you need to consider as a reference for your VW modification.

VW Beetle German Look 5 VW Beetle   German Look Style

VW Beetle German Look -5

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