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VW campervan, has been around since Volkswagen launched the first generation of this type of bus. known as vw bus t1, with a few modifications on the inside, the VW Bus T1 can be transformed into a camper trailer with a very complete equipment. as well as the VW bus T2 kombi that many impaled [a VW camper van p, although this VW T2 bus, volkswagen camper officially launched this type. vw bus on a third-generation, or t3 vw bus, camper become a major focus, this means that VW is special designed for the purpose of camping. therefore, the VW is very suitable for use in outdoor activities such as this event.

VW T3 Camper Van Blue Volkswagen T3 Camper Van

VW T3 Camper Van Blue

The third-generation Volkswagen bus is a refinement of the previous generation VW transporter. and unique, vw is the last generation VW engine in the back position. after generation, vw bus has an engine in front, unless vw classic camper which produced back in 2012. physically, vw looks more boxes than in previous generations. produced in germany, year of manufacture between 1979-1992. VW is a vehicle that is very popular in south africa, and manufactured there until 2002.

VW T3 Camper Van White Volkswagen T3 Camper Van

VW T3 Camper Van White

Volkswagen marketed the Westfalia camper variant throughout the T25’s (T3’s) production, with features including a pop up roof, refrigerator, sink, and stove. Examples built between 1980 and 1985 featured round headlights and chrome-plated steel bumpers with plastic end-caps. Air-cooled models (1980 to mid-1983) lack the lower grill above the radiator of the water-cooled models, except on models with factory air conditioning. 1986 model year vehicles received revisions including a tachometer, more fabric choices, redesigned air conditioner, larger water-cooled engine with a more advanced engine management system, and redesigned transmissions including an optional syncro four-wheel drive. Exterior changes include rectangular headlights (on selected models) and different paint options.

VW T3 Camper Van Yellow Volkswagen T3 Camper Van

VW T3 Camper Van Yellow

If you are the type of person who likes to be the work personally, so it’s good when you’re designing your own interior VW camper. satisfaction, of course you will get in this way, as opposed to buying your VW camper with an interior that is so, then there is no challenge and the struggle to build the interior, do whatever you like, the design according to your needs and tastes, and ride to circumnavigate the globe , and places of interest.

VW T3 Camper Van Interior 1 Volkswagen T3 Camper Van

VW T3 Camper Van Interior 1

VW campervan, is VW’s most popular and in demand by many fans, the main reason is the wide cabin. is perfect for those of you who are married, picnic with family and children, or for those of you who are want to have an adventure with a lover or spouse, is also very suitable, you can enjoy the trip with a lover, visiting places you’ve never imagined before, overnight in tents, and driving a VW. a thing I wanted to do all along, but until now, I have not had the free time to do it all.

VW T3 Camper Van Interior 2 Volkswagen T3 Camper Van

VW T3 Camper Van Interior 2

With the internal combustion engine and transaxle mounted very low in the back, the T3 had much larger disc brakes in the front, and drums in the rear. Axle weight is very nearly equal upon both the front and back ends of the vehicle. Unlike the T2 before it, the T3 was available with amenities such as power steering, air conditioning, power door locks, electrically controlled and heated mirrors, lighted vanity mirrors, and a light above the glove box (most of which were essentially standard equipment in later models).

VW T3 Camper Van Interior Volkswagen T3 Camper Van

VW T3 Camper Van Interior

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