[REVIEW] Volkswagen Scirocco Coupe

by on Jun.18, 2012, under VW Scirocco

Scirocco is a vehicle designed for appearance, but without forgetting the performance of the engine performance. with the design of a family with a VW Golf, VW Scirocco seems lower and wider, but equally sporty. sporty look of the design is aerodynamic body curvature, and is supported by the design of the chassis is equipped with technology Adactive Chassis Standard (ACC). VW-Scirocco-Front-Side-2.0.Litre-Coupe

suspension was satisfactory with a lightweight aluminum, making it feel responsive, and bite in the street. engine problem, VW is equipped with a 2.0 turbocharged engine with a salty-sized 2.0 and the lightweight body, the acceleration will craze, although there is also a 1.4-liter Scirocco. there is also a type R, but the suspension is less comfortable and the design is too rigid, so that less okay to look at.VW-Scirocco-Engines-2.0.Litre-CoupeAffairs of the suspension, Volkswagen is famous for its hand comfort, very pampering passengers, as well as the VW Scirocco, the shock absorbers continue to make adjustments to the contour of the road were destroyed though, as a result, the passengers did not even feel discomfort during the trip. with aluminum suspension, more stable handling Scirocco pn okay. in addition to the amazing suspension, Scirocco also has ample cabin. provide comfort for the passengers to move freely, freely and comfortably. setting the driver’s seat is also equipped to get the right driving position. truly indulgent comfort that users VW Scirocco.VW-Scirocco-Dashboard-2.0.Litre-CoupeYou will be amazed at the sight of beauty Volkswagen Scirocco, you’ll be amazed at the exterior, from the front, rear, and sides, really fascinating. with spacious interiors, and design are no less captivating. but security issues and the feasibility of the vehicle can not go unnoticed. especially safety in driving, braking performance capabilities very well be a plus for the VW Scirocco. supported by the evidence in a trial conducted by NCAP with the protection of a car accident. any five-star EURO bagged by VW Scirocco. not playing, in addition to the safety area, VW Sciroco also equipped with other standard electronic equipment.VW-Scirocco-Interiors-2.0.Litre-CoupePracticality, VW Scirocco has some weaknesses and strengths, such as a strict four-seater, the VW Scirocco has a 321-liter boot That is not terribly easy to load, thanks to an awkwardly shaped hatch That can only be opened by a keyfob, or from the inside of the car. A high loading lip means retrieving bulky items from the boot floor is difficult, too. At least you can fold the rear seats flat, the which liberates up to 1.100 litres of boot space. With the seats folded down, the rear of the car is at least as big as key rivals, and almost as spacious as Those Offered by the likes of family hatchbacks like the Ford Focus, or Volkswagen Golf.VW-Scirocco-Rear-Side-2.0.Litre-CoupeIf you choose the hatchback, the biggest risk is that you do not have a wide enough space to invite friends, and there is no place large enough to carry the goods with large dimensions.

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