Execution Dead For Volkswagen Kombi In 2013

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Sao Paulo – Legendary Cars Volkswagen Kombi is decades old but still manufactured in Brazil. But next year, the car will certainly died soon after in existence for 63 years. unfortunately not, legendary cars, vw kombi, which has hundreds of millions of fans must be shut age. unfortunately, the fans would be very disappointed combi, combi production eventually will really be stopped.

Volkswagen Kombi Brazil classic 1 Execution Dead For Volkswagen Kombi In 2013

Volkswagen Kombi Brazil classic 1

The car is still a living legend is currently still in production in Brazil. Just stay in the samba that VW Kombi or VW T2 is still in production. When Brazilian Kombi stop production, then it was over the age of Kombi in the world. for those of you who still have a VW kombi, be prepared, take care of your combi, combi now that you’re into antiques, ready to be hunted by VW enthusiasts in the world, treat it well, and keep it together, do not waste your combi or kill it, do not let Him abandoned the car at his disposal.

Volkswagen Kombi Brazil classic Execution Dead For Volkswagen Kombi In 2013

Volkswagen Kombi Brazil classic

Production last boxcar will be conducted on 31 December 2013 or 63 years after the model was sold in 1950 ago. His death was caused by going into effect new regulations related to vehicles sold in South America which began January 1, 2014 every car produced must have safety features like ABS and airbags. I think the reason it is less powerful, if only a matter of regulation, it could be the VW add features airbags and ABS on a kombi, but this is not done. why is that? maybe the VW kombi VW production was already too long, passing through several generations.

Volkswagen Kombi Brazil. productionJPG Execution Dead For Volkswagen Kombi In 2013

Volkswagen Kombi Brazil. production

Currently VW plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil still produces 251 VW Kombi each day. Brazilian VW Chief Product Development, Feichter Egon told Autocar that to comply with the new law, Kombi needs to be a “new car”. we can only hope, soon bring new Volkswagen VW kombi substitute. VW bulli long exhibited as a substitute prototype kombi was until this moment unclear fate. currently there are only VW caravelle¬† and VW T5 campervan that had similar genetic kombi, but no figures were truly replace the kombi.

Volkswagen Kombi Brazil Execution Dead For Volkswagen Kombi In 2013

Volkswagen Kombi Brazil


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