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Volkswagen Beetle, or commonly known as the VW Bug, VW is the most popular vehicles, other than that, vw bug is also the first generation of volkswagen cars. according to its type is TYPE 1. vw beetle and the easy glide and is also famous for its popularity is very high. This model has always sold well from generation to generation. VW bug, very simple, simple, and unique. other than that this car is always cool and easy to modify. a lot of flow modification of the VW bug. include: cal Looker, Looker las vegas, volksrod beetle, beetle classic, retro beetle, beetle low rider, drag beetle, steel bugs, and much more. here I will discuss thoroughly the modification style ‘Cal Look’ or California Look.
beetles_cal_looker_vw_bugs_loweredWhat is a cal look? Cal look is a modification of the flow or style VW Beetle with a style that is characterized as follows: Style beetle that appears cool, hip and stylish. cal look usually always appear attractive with a special paint, the interior is neat, clean engine that is very clear glass, and small wheels normally wear a size 15 “with thin tires and suspension are flat. several components that must be in the fix is: Suspension, Body painting, Interiors, wheels & Tires, engines, Glass, Accessories. I will describe the details as follows.


Suspension affairs, has become mandatory for adherents of this modification is to cut the legs of the beetle, beetle looks very flat. but unrusan how flat it is a matter of taste, adjust to taste and convenience. minus of the flat is indeed shock you will feel a little stiff and you will have problems if it passes a bumpy road, but it is a risk of flat, even so, do not worry because your VW will look very cool.


Alloy Wheels & Tires. dimensions of wheels are most suitable for beetle cal look with this style is that you use a wheel 15 “with tires that tipts may use or 195/45 to 200/50 front and 200/55 or 195/60 for the rear. this will be very helpful beetle display your flat without having to impress too much play your suspension. to look cal look is ok, usually the fans friends using EMPI Alloy Wheels with the brands, the most stable is the EMPI EMPI BRM, EMPI 7-spokes, or EMPI 10-spokes , there also are using Porsche alloy wheels, BBS wheels, or even with bandage Original VW hubcaps and white wall on tires for a classic impression.


Turning to the issue and exterior paint. force carried by the cal Looker is featuring VW exorbitant style, with a view that is ok to show off. certainly, of the paint and body should be OK. VW seal you with leading paint brands and quality workshop. whole body will look clean and shiny, even if there are flies that stick to be sure it will fall due to slipping. haha. to obtain a smooth body, you might spend a bit of body structure because it is usually an old beetle kept many deposits of corrosion, for best results, dismantle all parts and fix your beetle parts per part as perfectly as possible.


The interior is usually made very simple and even close to original. VW’s why a lot of friends who chose the interior style simple? VW beetle because basically this is a simple and practical vehicle, if you add accessories too excessive, complicated and even be impressed force. so maximize what is there but just watch every detail. as contuh. dashboard must be neat, all the functions work well, seats wrapped with a simple leather suit factory default, the entire carpet, backleading, ceilings, and door trim should be neat and without loopholes. by applying this, I’m sure you’ve seen VW’s clean, neat and comfortable to drive.


Other detail problems, usually the modifier menembahkan some accessories such as roof rack, some additional emblem as the initials “D” for Germany, other accesoris emblems, and usually not too much. more impressed simple minimalist. cal flow is a flow look that much-loved by children and young jocks. they are usually a group of people who think modern and simple. but did not rule out also look cal flow is applied by an adult, any person entitled to carry this flow. so whether the flow is suitable for you?

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